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Beatrice "Bea" Whaley seems to have it all; the seventeen year old high school senior is beautiful, wealthy and the star performer of the drama club. And with her uncle’s connections to Broadway theater, the future looks bright ahead of her. Little does she know that her future might actually be brighter behind her... More

Bea begins having vivid dreams about a brave and handsome soldier named Alan Warren--a member of an elite group known as Knowlton’s Rangers that served during the Revolutionary War. Prone to keeping her head in the clouds, Bea welcomes her nightly adventures in 1776; filled with danger and romance they give her much to muse about the next day. But it is not long before Beatrice questions whether her dreams are simply dreams or something more. Each night they pick up exactly where the last one ended. And the senses--the smell of musket shots and cannons, the screams of soldiers in agony, and that kiss--are all far more real than any dream she can remember. Hide

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Long-Overdue Update

Hello, Dreamers!

You are not forgotten!  And neither is the webcomic.

Sneak Peek at Issue #1 of the Countdown to Culper.

Sneak peek from Countdown to Culper Issue #1.

It has taken longer for the webcomic to return than I’d planned, so I wanted to give you an update to let you know what is going on.

Three things need completed before I can relaunch the comic:

  1. Build a large buffer of finished pages so that when I restart the comic, you can be sure I won’t be taking another break.
  2. Create a Patreon page for The Dreamer that will launch when the comic returns.
  3. Fix the bugs on our website so it can handle the increased traffic load of the relaunch.

Here’s where I’m at:

  1. I have the biggest buffer ever!
    • I am feeling better (thank you to everyone who has been asking about my health) and I’ve been back at my drawing desk since this summer.
    • Issue #1 of the Countdown to Culper is completely finished and colored.
    • Issue #2 is written, blue-lined, lettered and yesterday I finished inking the first page.
  2. The Dreamer’s Patreon account is ready to launch. (I’m so excited.)
    • I’m holding off on sharing it with you until the comic begins updating so no one is paying for content they aren’t receiving.
  3. Webmaster Mike was tackling the website issues head-on… and then he got a new job.
    • It’s an exciting opportunity, but it is also bringing with it some big changes.
    • These changes have to be the focus of his time and energy until things settle down.

Our current site is old and it isn’t running optimally. You might notice the comments and some of the pages are taking a long time to load. The site crashes regularly, and that’s with much lighter traffic since the comic is not updating.

We have to get these problems fixed before our regular web traffic starts up again, or it won’t be a good experience for anyone.

Sneak peek from Countdown to Culper Issue #2.

Sneak peek from Countdown to Culper Issue #2.

In the meantime, enjoy these previews of what’s ahead!

And if you miss me, check out this latest episode of my podcast, The Paper Wings Show. (I talk about The Dreamer’s Patreon plans in the intro.)

Mike and I are going to come up with a plan for the relaunch and when we have a date, I’ll announce it, and then we can Countdown to Culper… again.

Thanks for your patience!

Sneak peek from Countdown to Culper Issue #2.

Sneak peek from Countdown to Culper Issue #2.

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